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The '''Daughters of the American Revolution''' ('''DAR''') is a Genealogy|lineage-based membership service organization for women who are directly descended from a person involved in the United States' struggle for independence. A non-profit group, they work to promote historic preservation, education, and patriotism. The organization's membership is limited to direct lineal descendants of soldiers or others of the Revolutionary period who aided the cause of independence; applicants must have reached 18 years of age and are reviewed at the chapter level for admission. It currently has approximately 180,000 members in the United States and in several other countries.Daughters of the American Revolution. (2013). In ''Encyclopædia Britannica.'' Retrieved from [] Its motto is "God, Home, and Country." The DAR is a historically white organization with a record of excluding African American...
Native nameNational Society Daughters of the American Revolution
AbbreviationDAR / NSDAR
Motto''God, Home, and Country''
Founded date{{Start date and years ago|1890|10|11}}
Incorporated 1896 by an Act of Congress
TypeNon-profit organization|Non-profit
Founder| focus = Historic preservation, education, patriotism
HeadquartersWashington, D.C., United States
Method| homepage = []
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